L’Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

Being someone with skin that gets oily pretty fast throughout the day, any face primer or base that leaves it looking less oily or (surprisingly) matte is a definite keeper. Having tried many face primers in the past, I have only come across a few that truly “mattified” my skin, leaving it with a smooth and even surface. One of those would be L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. I love it, it is one of my top 3 primers for several reasons:

  • It controls the oiliness of my skin throughout the day so well that I barely need to do any touch ups.
  • It blends into my skin easily and makes my extremely visible pores look less visible.
  • Applying liquid foundation over it is easy as pie; the foundation blends easily and dries fast, allowing me to apply my makeup over it almost immediately. Personally, I always set my foundation with face powder but that isn’t a necessary rule for people with normal or dry skin.
  • It really does make my makeup appear more lively, flattering and flawless and it makes it last longer throughout the day.

The texture of the primer itself is heavenly. It’s like an air-whipped and fluffy mousse and as soon as you apply it onto your skin, it blends in and mattifies it. Very similar to the idea of cream-to-powder foundation but feels a lot lighter and softer on the face, almost like it’s not even there. Literally. The primer itself is pinkish-white in color but it doesn’t leave any subtle pinkness or paleness to the skin, even on tan or dark skin. I’ve seen this for myself when a very tan lady was trying it on at the store.

I am not sure if the product is available in Dubai because I have not seen it anywhere here yet and I purchased mine from a drugstore in London. Other than the UK, I know it is also available in the USA so if any of you travel that way, make sure to give it a try at the store and let me know what you think 😉

Blog you later,

Yasmine (aka Yaz.)


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