L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara: it’s alright.

For those of you that have thin and light-colored lashes, and possibly not very much of them, this may be a good mascara. I, myself, was not blessed with a great abundance of thick, dark or long lashes – in fact, they’re barely visible without any form of mascara on – and so I’ve come to rely on mascaras that have bristles of a plastic-rubbery texture with a comb-like appearance because they seem to separate my lashes better, while lengthening and volumizing them too, making them appear less sparse and scarce in nature. L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes is one of those mascaras. But, beware, if you have sensitive eyes or eyes that are prone to tearing up/getting irritated the moment something less-than-extremely-soft touches your lash lines, then this mascara may not be your kinda thing.

The bristles, like I previously said, have this plastic-rubbery like feeling to them. They were formulated like this to “separate lashes for a fanned-like effect” (as stated on L’Oreal’s web site) and while I think they do have that effect on my lashes, to a certain extent, they don’t necessarily volumize them in a massive way. BUT, they do give my lashes some volume, which for me is way better than no volume at all and they don’t clump my lashes as much as mascaras with the usual fluffy bristles do. I feel I have more control over the mascara application with Volume Million Lashes.

For those of you that are blessed with a considerable number of thick, dark and/or long lashes, this mascara may not do much for you because, in my opinion, it doesn’t really give *that* much volume – it simply accentuates the appearance of lashes and makes it seem like you have slightly more than you actually do…but when you already have a lot, or when you already have thick and dark ones, you won’t see much difference. This mascara may be used to lengthen the lashes if you apply it mostly at the tips but don’t expect any dramatic results. I like that it comes in black and brown colors, because I use the brown colored one as a daily mascara and the black one for special occasions or night outings.

For those of you that have tried this mascara, what do you think? Did you like it?

Yours truly,



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