Bath and Body Work’s Liplicious Lip gloss: YUM.

What is it about lip gloss that makes lips looks so much more…luscious? Is it the shine? Is it the glimmer? Or is it that subtle sheen of color that gives lips an alluring glistening appearance… What do you think? Personally, I love lip gloss because it comes in many different forms: clear, tinted, colored, glittered, flavored….etc, and this makes it so easy for me to just swipe on any kind of lip gloss according to my mood. I’ll use clear lip gloss if I just want my lips to look a little less dry or the lipstick I have on to look a bit less matte. I’ll use tinted lip gloss to give my lips that “barely there” look – just enough color to look lively but not too much that it’s so obvious. I’ll use colored lip gloss if I feel like going all out on my makeup for a special occasion or a party or just an evening out with some friends. I’m not the biggest fan of glittered lip gloss unless the glitter is very subtle that it only slightly shows on top of colored lip gloss or lipstick. I am a huge fan of flavored lip gloss ’cause well….some are just so yummy. Lip gloss is awesome. So, in this review, I’m going to share my thoughts on one of my favorite kinds: the Liplicious lip gloss from Bath & Body Works.

Like I already said, I love flavored lip gloss. I love flavored lip gloss even more when it comes in flavors that I like. The Liplicious lip gloss from Bath & Body Works comes in a variety of flavors related to fruits, desserts, drinks and some of B & B W’s signature scents. The ones I have purchased and tried are: Dark Kiss (my favorite B & B W signature scent), Coconut Cream Cupcake, Strawberry Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Cotton Candy and Blue Colada. They all smell heavenly, I can assure you, and these are only a few of the many delicious flavors they are available in. (See link at the end of post.)

While most of them are clear or sheer in color, some of them do live a hint of color on the lips. You can wear them on top of lipstick or alone and they will still leave your lips looking just as lush…but be careful not to accidentally lick the gloss as you will be tempted to eat it all up 😀 They taste just as good as they smell! I really like them because they last on my lips for hours without having to do frequent touch ups and they keep them from getting dry. They’re easy to take anywhere with you, as most types of lip gloss are, ’cause you can just stick it in your purse or bag. They come in a tube form and have a very convenient applicator that makes it easy for you to apply the gloss onto your lips without making a mess, similar to those of Maybelline’s ShineSensational Lip gloss.

I am not sure if all the scents/flavors shown in the link below are available in Dubai as I don’t remember having seen all of them at the B & B W shops here. It has been some time since I have been to any of them so perhaps they have been able to stock the full line (although, knowing how shops in the UAE never have the full original stock, I doubt it.) Nevertheless, the ones that we do have available here are still very yummy and delish! You can even give them a try at the shop before buying any so feel free to go and see for yourself and let me know what you think 😉

Bath & Body Works (Liplicious line): 

(Note: some of the signature scent flavors may be not be shown in the link because I think, but I’m not exactly sure, that they are promotional items offered for sale from time to time. Also, pricing of items in the link is not identical to that of Dubai’s.)

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