Silky Blusher by Seventeen (Greece): big thumbs up.

One of my favorite brands of blusher is the Greek one, “Seventeen” cosmetics (not to be confused with UK brand “17” cosmetics), and it is only sold in a few countries, worldwide, including Lebanon.  Other than its country of origin, I am not sure where else the brand is sold. I really wish it was available in Dubai but, unfortunately, it’s not. (Maybe that’s a good thing as their products would be sold at double their original prices here.) Nevertheless, if any of you are tempted to try any of their blushers, you could always ask a friend that’s going to Greece or Lebanon to buy some for you 😉

The blusher, labeled by Seventeen cosmetics as “Silky Blusher”, is available in a huge variety of colors and shades which is one of the reasons I really like them. There are colors that could be suitable for people of light, medium or dark skin tones. Another reason, and the primary one, is that they are so well pigmented that a little bit of them goes a long way. Literally. I usually have to either dab my blusher brush at the blusher very gently or tap it off a few times after it’s picked up some of the product to make sure I don’t swipe too much onto my cheeks. This makes it great for you gals that like to use the same type or color of blusher for daily wear and not have to worry about it running out any time soon. I can assure you, from personal experience, one Silky Blusher will last you a long time – even if you use it almost every day.

A third reason is their long -lasting durability; whenever I use any of my Seventeen blushers, I never have to do any touch ups throughout the day…unless I’ve been out dancing for hours. The product is also very easy to blend on the cheeks and face, and it’s very easy to achieve a natural look with most of the shades it is available in. My favorite ones, in no particular order, are: 45 Natural Blush, 10 Peach Rose, 40 Coral and 21 Plum Apricot. Last but not least, the product’s pricing is very reasonable (similar to the price range of Rimmel or Maybelline blushers…in the UK or US, not in Dubai…) but it can vary by a few Lebanese pounds, depending on which place you buy it from in Lebanon. They are usually found in drugstores, big supermarket chains or some of the local beauty stores.

If you don’t have the chance to visit Lebanon or Greece any time soon, but know someone that does, then check out the blushers on the brand’s website at: 

If you’d like to try some out for yourself, consider choosing at least one or two blushers in colors you like and ask your friend if he/she would be willing to get them for you. That way, if you don’t like how the shades you picked look on your skin, you won’t have to beat yourself up over it because you won’t have spent much money on them. If you happen to like the blushers, then hurrah for you! Nevertheless, I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 😉


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