My fave LUSH goodies: they’re delushious!

Here’s a little post about my favorite LUSH products.

Lemslip – I find this soap to be really good for oily skin. I use it on body during the hotter days of the year because that’s when my skin tends to get kinda greasy. I can really feel the difference after using it in the shower because it leaves my skin feeling extra clean, non-greasy and smooth, plus it smells pretty darn good. Kinda like lemon, coconut and honey mixed all together.

Honey I Washed The Kids – The smell of this soap is divine. I like using it as a handsoap but it can be used on the body as well. Smells as good as honey 😉

Rock Star – This soap reminds me of vanilla and cotton candy…because that’s what it kinda smells like to me. I love using it as a handsoap.

Godmother – Smells like bubble gum! Yum! I use it as a handsoap. Must constantly remind myself not to eat it whenever I smell it…

A Ring of Roses – This soap is really good for people with dry and/or sensitive skin, in my opinion, because it’s very moisturizing and gentle on the skin. I use this soap on my body during autumn and winter because that’s when my body’s skin tends to get dry, and since it is already quite sensitive, this soap is a great option for me during cooler climates. Plus, it smells great…

Herbalism – This is a face cleanser for oily skin. I love this stuff and when my skin tends to get oilier than usual or starts to break out, I add Herbalism to my daily face-cleansing routine. I only use it once a day, though, because using it too often makes my skin a little dry and irritable.

Brazened Honey – This is a face mask that (I think) can be used for any skin type. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for people with dry and sensitive skin. I have oily/sensitive skin but the oiliness makes it less sensitive than skin that’s dry and sensitive. I like this face mask because it leaves my skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and very smooth. I use it 2 to 3 times a week.

You can find these products in Dubai’s LUSH stores in Mercato Mall and Deira City Centre. I’m not sure if there is a LUSH store anywhere else in Dubai. However, I’d like to add that I did buy some of these products from LUSH stores in London so not all of them may be available in Dubai’s LUSH stores but I hope they are! You can get more info about them at:

Have any of you tried any LUSH products? What are your favorites? Feel free to let me know in a comment below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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