ELF Mineral Lipsticks

For all of you makeup lovers out there that like to shop with a budget, these lipsticks may just be one of the biggest makeup treats for you, yet! Now, before I get all of you extremely excited, I would like to point out that (according to what I am aware of) ELF makeup is only available in stores within the US and is only available to order online for people residing in the US, UK, Canada and a few other countries (please see link at the end of this post.) So, if you actually want to buy ELF products and you are not a resident of the US or any of the countries that ELF ships online orders to, you would have to ask a (very kind and helpful) friend of yours that is visiting the US to buy some of these goodies for you. Your other option is to ask a friend of yours that resides in one of the other countries (that ELF ships to) to order them for you online and ship them to you. Of course, you would have to pay the shipping cost so the former method would be the better (and cheaper) choice.

ELF (an abbreviation for Eyes Lips Face) is another drugstore brand that I have come to have faith in for my beauty fixes. At first, I was extremely skeptical about buying and trying anything from this brand because of its products’ extremely low prices. I mean, surely it couldn’t be possible that a company would actually produce makeup of decent quality and sell them at such budget-friendly prices. Well, I was wrong. A lot of ELF’s products are of very decent quality and at such low and affordable prices, I have become very grateful for the brand’s existence.

One of my favorite lines of makeup from ELF is its Mineral makeup line, and some of my favorite products from the Mineral makeup line are the ELF Mineral Lipsticks! At only 5 US Dollars a piece, these lipsticks are nicely pigmented and last on my lips longer than some of my more expensive lipsticks do. When I say nicely pigmented, though, I don’t mean they’re very strongly pigmented (that is the norm with mineral makeup), but their colors do clearly show with one sweep. They glide on smoothly and they’re very moisturizing which is great for me because I have lips that tend to get dry very easily. They don’t have an awkward smell or taste to them like some lipsticks do…I won’t name any brands but they’re out there. Last, but not least, they are available in a variety of neutral, warm and nude shades. My favorite ELF Mineral lipstick colors are Natural Nymph, Runaway Pink and Nicely Nude.

To learn more about ELF and which countries it currently ships to, please visit: www.eyeslipsface.com


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