Nail Art Polish Pens

Okay, so I’ve always been quite obsessed with nail polish but now the obsession has escalated to a higher level so that it includes nail art. Having watched a lot of the makeup gurus on youtube, it came upon me to do some research on eBay about the different kinds of nail art polish pens. I decided to go ahead and purchase some off of ebay and I bought a set of 24 “2-Way Varnish Nail Art Polish Pens” for a pretty decent price. The nice thing about these nail art pens is that you can hold them like actual pens and draw the designs you want on your nails which makes them pretty convenient and practical. Actually, the only thing I didn’t like about these pens is the chemical smell they give off in the beginning when you first apply them on top of the nail polish but it does go away after a while (and who knows, the smell may actually may differ from batch to batch.) The nail art designs painted on my nails lasted in an intact manner for a good amount of time (for almost a week.)

Should you be interested, you can purchase the nail art pens at Just type in: “2-Way Varnish Nail Art Polish Pens” in the search box.


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