Coastal Scents Concealer Palettes and Quads

I recently purchased concealer palettes and quads from Coastal Scents during their Thanksgiving Sale (50 % off) and, having used different products, I would like to give my honest opinion on the products. Of course, in the end, it is up to you – fellow readers – what you choose to consider. You know what you prefer and what works for you.


Eclipse Palette (for product image, click on below link.)

Priced at 14.95 US Dollars, this concealer palette is most likely suitable for people with oily or combination skin. I have oily skin and I found that it worked really well on me. With 15 different shades that you can mix and match together to suit your skin tone, this item is a good deal if you’re wanting to buy a budget-friendly concealer palette.


Camouflage Concealer Palette

Priced at 16.95 US Dollars, this concealer palette has a more creamy consistency and would most likely be suitable for people with normal to dry/sensitive skin. With 10 different concealer shades, you also have the chance to mix and match colors to suit your skin tone. I tried this product and found that while it gave good coverage, it’s not a concealer I would use on a daily basis due to its creamy texture (unsuitable for my oily skin type.)


Camo Quad

For people who are looking for a compact size concealer packet with the basic number of shades, this is a product worth considering. The Camo Quad, as its name points out, has 4 different concealer shades with a semi-creamy and somewhat thick consistency. I found that it gave very good coverage where needed and the fact that it’s small makes it easy and practical to carry in a bag or purse. Budget and size-friendly, this is a concealer palette for a lady that’s always on-the-go and likes to touch up on her makeup throughout the day. Priced at $7.95 and available in Light, Medium and Dark, it’s worth a look-see.

Camo Quad Color Corrector

This Camo Quad is very useful for people who suffer from skin color discoloration, uneven skin pigmentation, skin redness or dark undereyes. It comes in 4 different shades (purple, blue, yellow and green.) It may be a useful makeup product for any lady or makeup artist’s collection.


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