Painless Laser Hair Removal – Kaya Skin Clinic, Dubai (Town Centre)

Is it actually “painless”? Not completely, but it only slightly stung in certain areas. The treatment’s costly price may be due to the equipment being new in the market. Beauty services being pricey in Dubai is nothing surprising.

Personally, I found the personnel to be honest and realistic and the customer service to be decent.

As for the results, time will tell. The brochure itself does specify that you will get results that are up to 80 % visible. Nevertheless, the experts at the clinic did clarify that results might differ from person to person.

In the end, readers, it’s all about trial and error.

Update: I did a total of 5 sessions on the same areas which is usually the minimum requirement to see any results. The first 2 sessions were not very painful, almost painless. The last 3 sessions were not painless at all (for me, at least.) I was advised to use Emla cream to numb the areas before each session but it did not do much difference for me. By the 4th session, I was dreading the idea of attending but I had already paid for the full package and I wanted to see it through to the end. It was very painful & the end result was…nothing. Nothing changed. I still have the same amount of hair growth I started out with. In my opinion, I could have spent that money on something a lot less painful. I hope others find better luck with this treatment as I know not everyone’s body reacts the same way to laser hair removal. Good luck!


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