Monthly Archives: February 2012

Make Up Forever HD foundation

Great oil-free liquid foundation for people with mature skin who want a natural-looking coverage that balances uneven skin pigmentation and does not accentuate wrinkles. Since it is medium to full coverage in consistency, a person of mature skin can use this to their advantage and apply as much as needed. Personally, I found the coverage to be lighter than Make Up Forever’s oil-free Mat Velvet Mattifying foundation (but this is to be somewhat expected as the latter foundation was primarily formulated for people with oily skin.)

Since the HD foundation has moisturizing ingredients, it could also benefit people with normal to dry skin. The fact that it is somewhat watery in consistency makes it easy to apply and blend. It glides onto the skin smoothly and leaves the face with a very fresh-looking finish and a subtle dewy look – an added advantage for people with dry skin.


Al Hashmi Kajal Eyeliner

Some of you have seen in it your local drugstore or beauty shop, some of you have seen Sarah Jessica Parker use it in Sex & the City 2 and some of you have seen it in a random mini-market somewhere…and you might have thought it wasn’t worth a second look. Well, that’s exactly what I thought at first – but after I bought one and tried it, I completely changed my mind.

This little baby has got to be one of the best, if not the best, kajal (kohl) eyeliners I have ever come across. Do not be fooled by the simple packaging, the quality of this eyeliner is beyond superb. Not only does it glide on easily – which is something surprising since it is dry in texture and consistency – it does not smudge…AT ALL. Long-lasting, smudge-proof and very easy to apply in a small, slim blue or red cylinder-shaped container that’s purse-friendly (and even pocket-friendly!) What more could a girl ask for in a decent black kohl eyeliner?

If any of you have heard of any other brands that make kajal (kohl) eyeliner of decent quality, do let me know! For now, Al Hashmi Kajal eyeliner has my vote.

Note: these types of eyeliners are known to contain lead which is a substance that can cause allergic reactions or have negative consequences on the eyes. Personally, I’ve yet to experience any issues, myself, but if I do, I will update this post.