Some rules to follow on buying foundation.

Always opt for water-based and oil-free foundations whenever possible. Even for people with dry or sensitive skin, oil-free foundations are still recommended. Oil (that is not naturally secreted from human glands) is not always advisable for application on facial skin because it is what causes clogged pores, blackheads and acne.

Always check the ingredients before you buy the foundation. The packaging may look appealing and it may be from a respectable company but you should still check the label. Different ingredients will react differently on different people so keep this fact in mind.

Always choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type. Do your research beforehand to find out what skin type you are. Do it online and ask for a doctor’s opinion whenever possible. In fact, I really do recommend visiting a good dermatologist should you ever get the chance. Some makeup artists will have in-depth knowledge of facial skin care but they might not have as much experience in taking care of it as dermatologists do. (Word to the wise, a good dermatologist is one that will take the time to explain things to you as he/she will not only think of “time=money”. He/she will not rush you into making a decision and will give you all the facts and information you request and need in order to make a decision that benefits YOU.)

–  Be selfish in how you spend your money. It is YOUR money and you have EVERY right to be skeptical about buying any product you come across. There is a possibility that the product may increase in price or be discontinued – but that’s okay because there will always be other similarly (sometimes lower-priced) good products out there to purchase. After all, this is your skin you are subjecting foreign ingredients to. Also, the market prices are forever changing but the ingredients will always remain.

Always try to avoid foundations with too many artificial ingredients present. While rubbing alcohol is known to be a harmless (and at times beneficial) product for the skin (as it is an antiseptic and evaporates quickly), it may not be suitable for certain skin types – specifically those with sensitive skin. Test the product out thoroughly before purchase. If you feel any sort of burning sensation, this may be due to an allergic reaction.

– Last, but not least, a good foundation (for your skin type) is one that blends in well, gives adequate and natural-looking coverage and does not cause any clogged pores, blackheads or break-outs. Nevertheless, always make sure to take your makeup off and wash your face well before you go to bed. Even good foundations can cause break-outs if left on the skin for too long.


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